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“You are going the wrong way!”

While shopping the end of last month this rude pretentious man yelled at me after nearly running me over with a shopping cart. Before I could open my mouth he looked down and realized he was the one going in the wrong direction. Coming out of an aisle which was once in alignment he did not realized he was no longer heading in the right direction the aisles and flow had shifted. We have all been guilt of thinking the previously acquired knowledge can be applied to our next level or connection.

The moment of clarity came when he re-evaluated his choices. and I did not have to defend myself in that moment. This is significant since this has been a consistent in my life the last few months. God has continued to send and reintroduce me to core people who are people I call “family” which are key support systems in my journey of healing. Learning the hard way of understanding “What is Family” is detailed in Chapter IX in my book: A Memoir of Healing and Deliverance from Sex Abuse: The Dirty Man.

It has been an amazing journey of healing and deliverance from sex trauma which ignites my passion to help others on their personal journey. One tip I’ll share is having the discernment to know the difference in who to invest and entrust your journey with. All human interaction is not created equally nor should we expose ourselves to individuals who cannot handle our ugly, broken, scared, and empty places. In the early parts of my journey I believed being whole meant having thriving in public speaking, doing charity work to help others heal, building with King Ronald, a comfortable financial freedom lifestyle, and have three little heirs.

My understanding of what is wholeness after losing and gaining in most of those area helped me to realized my list was not what true wholeness means at all. The superficial things from having access to large sums of money did not fulfill the whole in my heart and family. Having all natural needs meet doesn’t heal ones soul it intensifies the empty shallow places, the silence at times was so defining until I understood my purpose and the pursue of true wholeness. It has been a joy to share this process with Kings and Queens as we learn to self-assess redirect as needed, we have to tools to create our wholeness!

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