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Serenaded to Tears - 2021 Thanksgiving

The house of an extension of our family stood steal in time as we watched the family's matriarch receive a beautiful from her grandson during karaoke at Thanksgiving, 2021. My little King ran to my arms and cried, feeling overwhelmed by the genuine love and joy exchanged in the remarkable moment. Between breaths, the little King uttered these words, "I wish I could have that moment with my Dad!" The flood of tears streamed from my little kings' eyes as we both cried and comforted each other.

The overwhelming emotions we exhibited caused the grandson who set the atmosphere by the sound of his voice and the palpable admiration to ask, "Did my singing make him cry?" Yes, that beautiful exchange caused my little King to remember that he was also missing his dad more than usual during the holiday season. Enjoying an extension of our family was phenomenal. The food, hospitality, and love reminded us that our King Ronald H. Guyton, Jr. was no longer there to celebrate such moments.

My little King was not alive when my King and I would share holidays from house to house, including the extension of our family we shared the 2021 Thanksgiving. These moments were one of the many things I dreaded having to face as a widow and single parent to our amazing little King created in love. Holding my little King in my arms for ten minutes and affirming him how much his dad and I love(d) him, that was all I could do.

For years, my fear of facing such moments caused me to get into toxic relationships and even a physically, emotionally and financially abusive marriage trying to make sure he had a two-parent household after the sudden loss of our King. The only holiday I have ever missed spending time with my little King was when I was married in 2018 because my ex-husband abused me for about an hour on Thanksgiving day; he took my truck keys and cell phone leaving me in distress.

We all have a list we can be thankful for; take this moment to reflect on your top 3 things and write them down now. I am incredibly grateful for facing my greatest parenting fear, which turned out not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The prep work of grief counselling for