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“We’ve got you, the finish line will be crossed even if we have to carry you over!”

My Sister in God Queen Kim shared these supportive words while I was being tested in the territories of shame, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, rejection, and fear all at the same time. The strategies and prayers shared in my book A Memoir of Healing & Deliverance from Sex Abuse. The Dirty Man was put to use, helping me maintain the territories and deliverance.

Wholeness is not a one and done activity; it requires always seeking and applying knowledge. The tools outlined in chapter nine have kept me focused in this season. Just because a person does not share blood relation, it does not mean they are not family. By analyzing the inner circle, some people have been promoted while others were demoted; Mr. Mac was the only person terminated. There are goals to achieve; there is no time to lose. Yes, our world is exhausting right now, many of us fighting in multiple areas; however, we can’t lose our peace while we fight these battles.

We must do our parts to provide viable solutions. Until this becomes the norm, we must show up and be supportive of others and ourselves. Peace does not mean accepting the status quo! It means we will not compromise our inner wholeness and place of rest, even in turbulent times. Kings and Queens, peace is our priority, do not compromise in this sacred place for no one or nothing! Kings and Queens stay focused, we will cross the finish!“We’ve got you, the finish line will be crossed even if we have to carry you over!”

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