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"He’s not in any harm!"

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

“He’s not in any harm!” That is what my family members stated while the little king spent time at their home. The family member has remained a member of an organization that has all the makings of a cult. The commitment to the abusive, toxic leader has remained, despite knowing the manipulative, controlling, and slanderous ways in which their spiritual leader has continued to engage in.

Respecting that family member's choice has come with moments of disappointment and pain, which has caused me to grow substantially in the process. The statement made was in protest of allowing my little king to stay longer since they were enjoying themselves. Knowing my job was approximately one hour and a half away from their home. The casual call started civilly and ended with yelling and laughing on my part.

The Dirty Woman, is still the spiritual leader of my family members was being hosted at their home and my explicit request to keep my child away from that Woman was going to compromise the standard I provided on the matter. The family member knew a 2-hours’ notice would not give me sufficient time to stop work and properly remove him within the small window of notice. After speaking with the little king and reiterated my instructions to him, it was agreed to allow him to stay overnight. Speaking with my family member and communicating how disrespectful it was to place me in a situation that consistently compromises our ability to connect with them as our blood family without the constant inclusion of The Dirty Woman and their household was exhausting.

When providing the parallels of the Woman to The Dirty Man, giving many scenarios and the family member poor choices was met with; I am sorry if you feel that way! What can I do to change how you feel? After expressing myself, the family member dismissed my pain then attacked my character with a barrage of misrepresentations that I offered to clarify with indisputable facts. Finally acknowledging facts of their current and past betrayal that was often denied, but was finally confirmed by that in that conversation only to justify the present choices.

Along this journey of healing, there will be tests to solidify the healing, the deliverance, and the