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Tempestt F., CEO

Queen GerVaise is such a jewel and vessel to many communities of Women & Girls. She dismantle walls of shame, hopelessness, and fear as she go around the world and speak Truth! I’m so Excited to see her flourish as you speak and prick the hearts of those who are silently hurting. 


Crystal J., CEO

The Dirty Man is a page turner and healer all in one. The perfect example of God having the LAST say!


Monica H., CEO

The Dirty Man, was not only healing but revealing, being a survivor of sexual abuse myself. It revealed feelings from my past, that I had not even recognized were apart of my trauma. Forcing me to face them head on and deal with it in that moment.


Tradae M., Development Specialist

"The Dirty Man helped me to understand my mothers and what so many black women have gone through and had to fight on their own. As a person who has grown up under Queen G’s wing, this book was the start to becoming a woman who will fight for other women. I hope that it encourages all women no matter their wall of life to share their story for those who cannot” Thank you!

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