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Empowering Voices

     Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton is a powerful woman who has dedicated her life to helping others find their voices and live a life of peace and purpose.

     A survivor of childhood sex slavery and multiple forms of trauma herself, Queen knows firsthand the importance of eradicating trauma cycles and living a life of purpose. Through her work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, she has helped countless women find their strength and power. Queen is a passionate advocate for social justice and peace, and she is committed to helping women around the world live their best lives.

Inspirational Speaking Curriculum & Classes
We focus on the elements of Inspirational Speaking – The Winning System. We write and share speeches, give feedback, and participate in impromptu speaking activities. In addition, we work on brand building and speaker marketing.  We have 2 classes monthly.

     If you are looking for someone to help you find your voice and live your purpose, Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton is the perfect person to connect with and schedule your zoom call today.

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