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How do you sleep at Night? This simple question altered my view of sex, my family dynamic, and the trust of my Pastor which was the only constant male in my childhood. The exploration of my young 14-year-old body like a playground slipping and sliding in all orifices of my body including the vagina, anal, especially in my young mouth and on my young lips. 


At times climaxing on my face, such degrading sex abuse became a part of my childhoods new normal. Growing up in a renowned religious international institution, the old Church Mothers’ often posed an age-old question. Is there anything too hard for GOD? The answer to this question has been answered as it relates to my journey of healing and deliverance. Join me as I walk you through this powerful transformation of generational deliverance from childhood sexual abuse and the restoration of wholeness.

Paperback - A Memoir of Healing & Deliverance from Sex Abuse : The Dirty Man

SKU: Uncensored Paperback
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