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Inspired by an unwavering penchant to see silenced people delivered from trauma and the power of their voices reinstated, Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton has put her best foot forward to support the mission by sharing her experiences. She does this by authoring relatable books and producing films that suppressed people and those going through trauma can easily resonate with and goes the extra mile of converting some of her texts into films. In addition to being a best-selling author in a mission, GerVaise is also a filmmaker, screenwriter, executive producer, creative director, a certified international public speaker, CEO, and a restored heir.

As a certified speaker and an avid author of several bestsellers, GerVaise has featured on several high-profile engagements. She is a Featured Speaker for Possibilities Unlimited by Dr. Cherry Wood and Les Brown. Appeared on the Women of Dignity Magazine under the Top 50 unstoppable Women Innovators. She has also been a guest panelist and 2021 Women of Black Excellence Honoree for Women of Influence.

As an author and filmmaker, GerVaise has filmed her best-selling book The Dirty Man: A Memoir of Healing and Deliverance from Sex Abuse both Naturally and Spiritually into an intriguing documentary dubbed How Do You Sleep at Night? In this film, GerVaise focuses on helping individuals heal from traumatic experiences on both spiritual and personal dimensions, echoing her noble mission to free her audience from the bondage of inferiority that results from mistreatment and trauma. Her film will feature in numerous film festivals now and later due to its timelessness.


Currently, Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton lives in Indiana. Whenever she is not absorbed in the fast-paced work life, she serves at the church as a vision builder of the Events Ministry, helps nurses, and loves community volunteering. She is passionate about sharing her story with others to inspire them and help them get free from the bondage of embarrassment, guilt, and shame. GerVaise is currently completing the Emerging Speakers Certification program.

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