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Meet Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton


Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton is a monumental force in the literary world, being a 6X best-selling author, globally renowned speaker, and astute screenwriter. Her unwavering ambition and inspiring story of resilience come from her triumph over sexual abuse and domestic violence she has now eradicated and conquered as a thriving survivor. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a specialty in Technical Management; currently pursuing her dual Master's degree of Science and Business Administration. Queen GerVaise is also the proud CEO of How Do You Sleep At Night Media, LLC - an empowering innovative visual arts platform devoted to creating a positive space for trauma survivors to share their healing journey.


The Guyton legacy that was brought forth by her King Ronald H. Guyton Jr. continues forward as she strives to restore heirs to the Kingdom of God and eliminate sex abuse from families, communities and countries across the globe. Furthering her legacy is Forever Guyton Publishing, LLC (FGP, LLC) – co-founded with her heir little king M.J.G, She is the proud mother to King M.J., who became a best-selling author himself at only nine years old! Queen GerVaise has accomplished the successful publishing of one hundred percent of all published FGP, LLC works with best-selling statuses in over ten categories!


Featured in Powerhouse Speakers Dominating 2023 Magazine with Lisa Nichols, Trent Shelton, Gloria Mayfield Banks, and Dr. Cheryl Wood. Bearing all this in mind, it's no wonder Queen GerVaise is revered by so many across the globe for her undeniable courage and commitment to making the world a better place. Queen GerVaise dauntlessly strives to restore heirs using her gift of the arts primarily through writing to abolish sex abuse around our globe diligently transforming our world one story at a time.

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