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GerVaise Sarah Guyton 

GerVaise Sarah Guyton, award-winning, best-selling author, public speaker, author, sex abuse, and domestic violence survivor. Over the past 15 years, public audiences and those who learn of the amazing journey of healing and deliverance have persistently asked her to write a book. On September 22, 2020, she released A Memoir of Healing & Deliverance from Sex Abuse: The Dirty Man the first book in a four-part series that details so many miracles surrounding the residual impacts of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. The candid revelatory details of the sexual and domestic violence traumas GerVaise has survived often encourage those who have been abused to disclose their traumas, in some cases for the first time.



GerVaise provides an environment of healing when she speaks, providing hope and insight that inspires survivors and the non-abused alike to seek healing and wholeness. Queen GerVaise continues to make an immediate impact in the communities in which she serves while on the frontline transforming survivors’ lives as a certified hospital advocate and authorized facilitator! Queen GerVaise’s drive to eliminate sex abuse from families, communities, and countries is making an impact in our world.



As a divorcee of an emotionally, financially, and physically abusive second marriage, she has continued to demonstrate her courage to live a life of wholeness and peace by removing herself from toxic situations that hinder the perfect plan of God for her life. GerVaise has brought generational healing within her own family. As a widower to her first king, queen GerVaise has been entrusted by God to carry on his amazing legacy with their little king. Demonstrating her tenacity when faced with adversity as a restored heir who continues to go higher and higher!